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Home  >  Modern Luxe|Maximizing Your Design Potential With Metal Chain Curtains
Modern Luxe|Maximizing Your Design Potential With Metal Chain Curtains

Modern Luxe|Maximizing Your Design Potential With Metal Chain Curtains

One of the best parts of our work is the fact that we get to see what some of the world’s most creative designers do with our products. Our main photo is a great example of a dining room with a luxe, modern feel that showcases the versatility of Metal Chain Curtains as a room divider. The chain curtains, which can be custom ordered in almost any dimensions, emphasize the room’s distinctive architectural features and high ceilings while allowing light to pass through and dividing the space without obscuring the view.

And when we had the opportunity to provide metal chain curtains to David Bromstad for his much talked about room in L. A.’s House of Rock, we jumped at the chance to see what he could do with them and, um, we weren’t disappointed.

Because he looked amazing.

Um, we meant *they* looked amazing. The chain curtains. Silly. In the 2nd photo, see how he used panels to define the room and then cut them to emphasize the lines of the Chandeliers, and to reflect their light throughout the room? Sigh. Amazing.

But you don’t have to have the initials DB to incorporate metal chain curtains into your home or project. It helps, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Really, metal chain curtains are an elegant, functional option anywhere that incorporates clean design.

We also love the gorgeous bathroom in the 3rd photo ~ another thoroughly modern space with clean lines and a need for defined spaces within one large area. Here, chain curtains offer the option to seclude the spa tub without closing it in, while highlighting the coffered ceiling.

In the final photo, see how chain curtains can maintain the open feeling of a space like this loft, maximizing light while clearly delineating the living and dining rooms.

Whether your next design project features metal chain curtains as the defining element, utilizes them as a room divider, or capitalizes on their unique potential as a light multiplying focal point, we know that you will be thrilled with their impact and versatility.
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