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Nebo Decor Frames Jaw Dropping Ceremony Spaces

Nebo Decor Frames Jaw Dropping Ceremony Spaces

Clear Blue Skies and Cascading Hydrangeas Create the Ultimate Ceremony Space

We adore Nebo Décor’s clever echoing of the blue sky and white clouds in the wedding arches that frame this gorgeous ceremony space. Offset Chandeliers add just the right touch of sparkle to an already gorgeous natural setting.

When your outdoor wedding already has the best natural scenery, adding our Metal Arches with florals is an ideal way to embellish the view while creating a memorable tableau for the day’s biggest event: the vows.

With our metal arches, setup and breakdown is easy. Faux florals offer reusability and convenience, and they won’t be bothered by ocean breezes, snow, or anything in between. Best of all, this setup is one that you can sell over and over again in custom variations by changing the colors of the florals and the accessories.

Wedding Arch with Chandeliers, Florals, and Beads Lets the Vows Take Center Stage

An oceanfront wedding ceremony actually presents a paradoxical challenge: framing the ceremony while capitalizing on the view that made the bride fall in love with her location. In the 2nd photo, this layered look brings an acrylic arch, florals, lighted crystal chandeliers, and suspended Crystal Bead Strands and Pendants, and they are up to the challenge of complementing natural beauty while setting the ceremony apart from the ocean at dusk.

We especially love the fact that the chandeliers imbue the entire arch with a romantic glow, and we know that this bride is delighted to have her view highlighted by a well designed visual frame.

Wonderland Scene Delights at a Luxury Winter Wedding

Sometimes, a creative designer must make her own nature scene. This focal point setting for the bride and groom, in the 3rd photo, is just as stunning as an outdoor winterscape, but with comfortable temps for guests and guaranteed snow.

We adore the realistic mural, the professional lighting that makes said mural come alive, the large crystal chandeliers, and of course the lighted trees. Choosing cool LED Lighting tones evokes a winter walk through freshly fallen snow.

When your bride has her heart set on a certain weather-related look, offering her an alternative like this one sets you above the competition while delivering her dreams ~ with or without Mother Nature’s cooperation.

When Mother Nature (or a well chosen mural scene) offers gorgeous vistas, creative event designers are challenged to make the most of them. We can help you frame the focal points of your wedding with statement décor that will set the standard for luxury in your area.

When you are ready to set yourself apart from the competition by offering gorgeous setups that sell, give the nicest customer service folks in the business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you design focal point spaces that will delight and amaze your brides and their guests.

From building blocks like metal arches and acrylic frames to finishing touches like super realistic faux florals and crystal ornaments, we have the best products in the industry, and they’ll last for many seasons while staying on trend. Let us show you why the top event designers from around the world choose ShopWildThings for products and helping tools.
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