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Simple Centerpieces That Take Your Events from Mediocre to Mesmerizing

Simple Centerpieces That Take Your Events from Mediocre to Mesmerizing

Tabletop Chandeliers with Event Lighting and Faux Florals are Romantic, Timeless Centerpieces
For out of the box fabulousness, our Tabletop Chandelier Kits are unparalleled, whether you’re an event professional or a mother of the bride with mad DIY skills. Add light discs to our chandeliers to complement your event décor, and consider our super realistic faux florals as cost effective, heat resistant toppers. Mirrored bases provide even more sparkle and light, and we stock an impressive collection of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Statement Centerpieces Anchor Your Event and Serve as Cost Effective Focal Points
Classic candlelit centerpieces are a great investment for event design professionals, and Manzanita trees bedecked with hanging candle holders and crystal bead strands will be just as gorgeous in five years as they are this Saturday (2nd photo). This setup is hard to beat for return on your event design budget – it’s a collection that will sell over and over again, and it’s made entirely from sustainable pieces that can be reused for years. Choose a combination of small and large Manzanita trees to accommodate any budget, venue scale, and table configuration. Add Tea Lights or Flameless Candles and crystal bead strands to complete the look, and await your guests’ oohs and ahs!

As in the 3rd photo, few centerpieces capitalize on jaw dropping scenery as well as this imaginative circular creation. Symbolizing the infiniteness of marriage and allowing lovely sightlines through the centerpiece itself, art and practicality meet and mingle so well in this design. We love the look, whether the blooms are real or faux florals, and Crystal Bead Strands at different lengths add a level of finish and sparkle without compromising the ocean view. Add our prism ornaments for visual interest and to anchor the crystal strands against seaside breezes.

Metallic Terrariums and Succulents Offer a Modern Take on the Sustainable Centerpiece
While beads are our bread and butter, we also adore the minimalist trend in centerpieces (4th photo), especially when it is expressed with understated elegance. Enter our metallic terrariums. The clean lines of these geometric lovelies work perfectly to house our intricate Faux Succulents. Add metallic candle holders and candles, and you have a lovely, reusable centerpiece that will give your guests plenty to look at without wasting a cent of your wedding budget. When you opt for faux succulents, only the candles will need to be replaced to take this setup to future events, further maximizing the return on your investment.

While trends in weddings and events come and go, centerpieces are de rigueur, and value is a selling feature for every client, regardless of budget or price point. We would love to help you build and replenish your stock of go to setups that sell, event after event and year after year. By focusing on sustainable, reusable pieces, you’ll be able to provide unparalleled service and value to every bride and event client you work with. And that kind of client service is what it takes to stand out in your market and to level up in the competitive wedding and event industry.

We would love to offer you top quality products and our accumulated years of expertise in sourcing the best event décor products in the industry. Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you get a competitive advantage the old fashioned way ~ by offering the best value and the best service in your area.
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