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Mercury Glass Candle Holders - "Kylie" Large - Set of 6 - 4 1/4" Tall - Gold Lattice

Item #: 144319
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2 1/2 inches
4 1/4 inches
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Item Description
Mercury Glass Candle Holders are so awesome and they easily boost table and centerpiece Decor to another level so we're very excited to add this chic Mercury Glass Set "Kylie" Gold that has a ritzy lattice pattern! It just looks so sophisticated and elegant! Mercury glass has a silver layer between double walled glass so the pattern on the inside of the cups is silver but the outside pattern is gold and it's a very beautiful, refined gold. The shiny, metallic look is ideal for decorating golden celebrations, weddings and special events or for everyday use! You will get a set of 6 candle holders and each is 4 1/4" tall by 2 1/2" wide and the inside bottom measures 1 1/2" in diameter so an LED tea light or small flameless LED votive candle fits perfectly. You could also elevate the tea light or candle by placing water pearls or small diamond confetti in the bottom of the holder.

The lattice pattern resembles diamond shapes - a classy and timeless design that fits into any theme or Decor. We have this identical candle holder in 2 other sizes as well as in silver so it's easy to create a stunning centerpiece by using varying sizes and/or colors on a mirror and it doesn't take much light to make these candle holders really pop. Just placing them down the center of a reception table mingled with gold silk rose petals or soft metallic gold pearl garland can really elevate and enhance the look. Simple and elegant!
Customer Reviews
Mercury Glass Candle Holders - "Kylie" Large - Set of 6 - 4 1/4" Tall - Gold Lattice
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