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Item #: 177002
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2 inches
47 inches
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Item Description
Hanging Floral Chandelier Event Frame 2-Tier Round White Metal with Crossbars – DIY Backdrop or Overhead Décor – 40" and 47" Rings

Please call us about this item. The selling price is actually only $49.99 plus shipping. Please allow us to do a custom quote for you. The more you purchase, the better the shipping is, and we can lower the selling price significantly. Because it is so oversized, the shipping on 1 is generally $100 but it is also $100 when you buy multiple pieces because we can fit more into a box. We have not been able to figure out an acceptable way to get our system to calculate the shipping correctly so if you want to order more than 1 piece, please call us at 928-855-6075. If you just need 1 piece, you can order online if you'd like and get FREE SHIPPING at checkout. You may need to enter a coupon code. The $149.99 will be correct at that point.

Hanging from an event tent or a ballroom ceiling, suspended floral chandeliers deliver a sophisticated look that instantly makes any venue feel grander and with our 2-Tier Metal Chandelier Frame, you can deliver the specific look you or your client is looking for! This white frame has 2 concentric rings that measure 40" and 47" in diameter, connected by 2 crossbars. The inner ring is slightly offset from the outer ring so the depth of the entire frame is 1 1/4". The rings and crossbars are 1/2" thick metal and this frame weighs 4.3 lbs.

To deck out the chandelier, there are many looks and materials to choose from. Regardless of the feel and theme you’re after, this DIY frame is super user friendly with a lot of framework surfaces to add your favorite items. For a lower ceiling, keep all the hanging materials within a 6" to 8" length of each other to create a lavish chandelier that will be visually stunning while appearing to be larger than 4' wide. For a higher ceiling, create a layered look using longer materials towards the middle of the frame and gradually decreasing the length as you move outwards.

Wrap material, tulle or Silk Flower Garlands around the rings to conceal them then starting in the middle of the frame, dangle more garlands or attach Bendable Cherry Blossom Branches or Lush Cascading Sprays to the cross bars. Moving outward, add texture with greenery, amaranthus sprays, butterfly garlands or hanging flower balls. For the outer layer, add a bit of shimmer with length adjustable sparkling crystal strands and Crystal Pendants or Hanging Glass Candle Holders.

Other items that add a special touch are driftwood, pearl and mirror strands, trim to length rolls of beads that come in a variety of colors and styles or you can use the strands from your favorite acrylic beaded curtain! Todays' wedding and event venues are ever evolving and savvy event planners know that DIY, one-of-a-kind décor is what it takes to find and keep clients.
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