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High Grade Acrylic Beaded Curtains & Strands

High Grade Acrylic Beaded Curtains & Strands

We have so many choices in hand-strung acrylic crystal beaded curtains, chandeliers, bead strands, chandelier/centerpiece booster kits, room in a box sets and bead-bedecked table lamps at ShopWildThings.

We don't have room on one page to describe the many unique features of each of these dozens of items that have professionally hand-strung beads. Simply click on your favorite for all the details. Mix and match to create fabulous looks on movie production sets, at galas, for special events or for that next interior design project.

Our hand-strung beaded curtains are beautiful and versatile. A barely visible hole is drilled into the top and bottom of each bead. The gorgeous beads are attached to each other with delicate jump rings. Our 1' wide curtains are the perfect accent piece for small side walls and entryways or you can create more width by placing two curtains side-by-side.

To shorten, simply remove jump rings until you achieve your desired length. To lengthen, purchase an extra curtain and use strands from the extra to add length by connecting jump rings. You can also custom-order your decorative bead curtains.
CBS Television purchased our triple-density crystal iridescent diamond-cut beaded curtains to use on the hit television show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This curtain also was used to decorate an episode of Warner Brothers Television's One Tree Hill. It's 12 inches wide and 70 inches long with 23 strands of diamond-facet beads. Each of the beads is 1 centimeter in diameter.

We have vintage hand-beaded curtains and Shabby Chic beaded curtains that are each 1 foot wide and about 6 feet long. We have 6-foot-long and 12-foot-long Aces & Eights and other bead curtain styles with beads in two or more sizes and shapes. Our Cameo collection of beaded curtains combine chain links and premium-quality crystal round, square or rectangle shapes in 3-foot by 6-foot sizes.

Our Prism hand-beaded curtains with large rectangle-shaped crystal beads were used for the Golden Globes awards ceremonies and the hit TV show Access Hollywood. Our fabulous Kate collections of silver and crystal non-iridescent bead curtains are available in 6-foot and 12-foot lengths on a 3-foot-wide rod.

All our beaded curtains are pre-assembled. The strands arrive already connected to the rods. Simply use two nails or two hooks to hang or place them using the metal eyelets on each rod. Watch our how-to video for a quick demonstration.

We have all the flourishes you need to create spectacular effects at catered celebrations, extravagant parties and community festivals at inside or outside locations. Our hand-strung bead curtains and chandeliers will add elegant looks to restaurants, hotel lobbies and upscale retail stores.

Shop our clear faceted acrylic crystal bead strands in 30-foot lengths. Our Lola bead strand in a 30-foot length has assorted sizes of faceted solid circles that are hand-strung onto the strand. Our Sammie garland has princess-cut and emerald-faceted hand-strung acrylic beads.

Round acrylic balls create our fabulous Femme strands that are each 6.5 feet long. Add dazzle with our 30-foot Millennium strand of crystal clear diamond-facet beads. Our Bianca 30-foot bead strands are available in red, black or blue. We also carry acrylic garland strands in pink, purple, smoke black, fuchsia and turquoise.

Our elegant hand-strung beaded chandeliers are glorious in clear crystal, neon colors, amber/brown and other splendid hues. Our Bejeweled chandelier has 3 tiers of glam beads. Our Valentina and Fifth Avenue chandeliers have four tiers of beautiful acrylic crystal beads faceted to reflect the light. The Valentina chandelier is 4 feet long, and the Fifth Avenue chandelier is 3 feet long. Our Kalina chandelier has clear crystals and silver-color bead squares in a 9-inch diameter and 23.5-inch length.

Shop our delightful Shabby Chic Victoria hand-beaded table lamps. Our Fantasy real crystal table lamp measures 12 inches by 12 inches by 31.5 inches. Carry your theme from room to room or set-to-set with matching beaded curtains, lamps, chandeliers and hand-strung bead strands to drape on stairwells, tables and other fixtures.

Our chandeliers make glamorous centerpieces with our centerpiece boost kits. Choose one with faux Capiz shell, shimmy silver, gold or diamond-cut flourishes. You will also find exquisitely hand-strung beads on the glorious chandelier, bed canopy netting and beaded curtains included in our 3-piece Gibson Girl Room-in-a-Box set for best-dressed bedrooms.

  • Hand-strung beads connected with jump rings
  • 80 curtain, strands, chandelier, lamp & other styles
  • Dozens of bead shapes, color choices
  • How-to videos with installation tips
  • Free shipping on qualifying orders
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