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Budget Elegance|Getting the Looks You Love for Less

Budget Elegance|Getting the Looks You Love for Less

We are slightly addicted to ~ for the uninitiated, it's pretty much the mother of all interior design sites. it's like a curated version of Pinterest that focuses on architecture and home Decor, with mostly great photography and a ton of inspiration for every room/space/home you'd like to redo, in your head or in real life. And one of our favorite mental vacays is to create less expensive alternative rooms that retain the upscale feel of the inspiration room, while keeping the budget more along the lines of a great day at Target.

So, for instance, when we see this to-die-for bed nestled in a custom surround of string curtains in alternating colors, we can't help but imagine that we could achieve a similar effect using these String Curtains or even Beaded Curtains. A square arrangement would be even easier to achieve, but a circle is totally doable. On a budget. Bam!

In the 2nd photo, this eclectic dining room frankly had us at Buddha, and the chandelier is just icing on the cake. Whether you keep one of our Buddha heads in its original color of add a quick coat of a matte metallic, we think that the look will translate well to a budget friendly interpretation that includes the Big B + a Beaded Chandelier.

And whether you channel this room indoors (3rd photo) or use it as inspiration for your outdoor living space, a budget friendly beaded chandelier is an effective counterpoint to the trees" foliage and to the exposed brick walls.

In the 4th photo, we can't resist another modern aesthetic with some notes of crystal. This festival of aqua and white tile *needs* a little bling for balance, and you can get the look for less with one of our many Crystal Chandelier options. And hey, if the $1700 lucite-and-leather ottoman isn't quite in your price range (and please don't misunderstand ~ that ottoman is perfect; it's just pricey), a Garden Stool would serve a similar function at a fraction of the cost.

In the final photo, this dining room says "Wow!" if ever a room did. Black damask wallpaper, fantastic red rug, and just enough metallic touches to keep things interesting. To set a similar scene for less in your own DR while keeping your accounts in the black, painted walls, a fabulous chandelier and Disco Balls as accent pieces would give the aura without the hit to your allowance.

We hope we've convinced you to take a stroll through Houzz one day soon, and we'd love to see your inspiration rooms as well as your vision for translating them into your real life home. If you use some of our products to do it, please pretty please send us some pics, and you just might find yourself featured on our blog.
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