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Budget Friendly Solutions to Your Fall Wedding Design Dilemmas

Budget Friendly Solutions to Your Fall Wedding Design Dilemmas

As hot as it is outside today (and every day, it seems), we're in the throes of fall wedding season at ShopWildThings, as October brides and planners order the finishing touches for gorgeous autumn nuptials. We love a rustic chic wedding in any season, but somehow fall seems especially well suited to this aesthetic, and we can't help but ooh and aah over fall wedding details that combine all things vintage, antique, rusticÉ you get the idea. There"s not much that's prettier than an authentically rustic wedding in the country, and Wedding Chicks recently featured one that does the details (and the location) especially well.

We love the way that the wedding Decor complements this picturesque barn, playing off the weathered wood with textures like burlap and lace, and subtly highlighting the reception setting with Strings of Party Lights.

Accenting barrels and tables with a combination of lace and burlap/jute weaves the rustic chic theme through the event"s spaces without breaking the bank. We love the use of grain stalks and mums ~ both hardy and readily available in much of the country ~ to adorn the rough hewn benches and to line the aisle. Tie everything together with twine (or ribbon or pearls), and you've got a budget friendly, finished florals that are just pitch perfect in a country setting.

Branches lashed together with twine make a delightful seating chart station, and these adorable chalkboard tags could easily serve as both seat markers and wedding favors. (Planners" Tip: Single items that serve dual functions are one of the best ways to maximize your budget without sacrificing style.)

Mismatched vintage chairs are a delightful touch in this intimate reception, and a lace runner accents the table beautifully. Adding jute, votives and lanterns, this bride has created a long, low centerpiece composed of reusable items that will look just as lovely on her holiday table for years to come as they do on her big day. We could easily see some linen chair sashes incorporated to finish the look.

The last photo shows off lanterns ~ which is another look at a versatile piece that will transition to the newlyweds" home perfectly. (We love a sentimental piece that can go from the reception to the couple"s first home without looking like it belongs more in one than in the other.) Flameless Candles are another flexible accent that the new Mr. & Mrs. can use again and again at home without worrying about safety or cost.

Whether summer heat means 80 or 108 in your neck of the woods, we hope that you've enjoyed this little detour into the next season"s bounty of fresh wedding ideas. If you're wondering how best to incorporate budget friendly, reusable wedding Decor into your own big day or into your supply of staple event Decor items, give us a shout via email or phone 928.855.6075. We have an enthusiastic, experienced team that can offer you plenty of expertise on the most cost effective way to Decorate for your big day, whether you're a planner or a DIY diva.
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