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Diamond Bead Curtains Add Drama and Disguise Infrastructure

Diamond Bead Curtains Add Drama and Disguise Infrastructure

Making Exposed Ceiling Infrastructure An Asset: Diamond Bead Curtains

Every event has its unique challenges, and the nation’s top event designers have an arsenal of strategies, experience, and décor solutions that will address almost any client concern. We pride ourselves on being the go to source for top event professionals like Adam Welz of Phôs Events, who delivers extraordinary creativity, value, and quality for his clients, week in and week out.

We are constantly searching for wedding and event décor pieces that will bring you that something extra that benefits both your clients and your bottom line. Our ultra affordable diamond bead curtains are a perfect example of a staple piece that is versatile, well built, easy to install and break down, and usable in SO many applications that you’ll be reaching for them again and again.

For example, when life throws Phôs Events a ton of exposed infrastructure, ductwork, or other overhead “scenery,” Adam Welz reaches for his stash of diamond bead curtains to create a truly gorgeous art installation of sparkling fabulousness. With almost unlimited options for configuring these curtains, you can adapt this idea to suit so many venue shapes and sizes. And add professional event lighting to turn the bead curtains any color of the rainbow, any night of the week.

Whether you need to lower a high ceiling visually, disguise some unsightly venue features, or both, our diamond bead curtains will quickly become one of your most versatile utility players.

Mix in centerpieces of trumpet vases, votives and Crystal Bead Strands, and your venue is thoroughly custom, perfectly elegant, and a great value for your client. We love the look of light gold metallic tablecloths against all of that sparkle, and we carry a super popular line of Prestige Candle Holders that complements the diamond curtains perfectly. Because really, is “too much crystal” a thing? Not in our world!

Have a hotel ballroom that needs some, well, help? Booked an event at a cool urban space, and now vexed by the exposed ductwork? Ready to build a warehouse of flexible event pieces that will become your toolbox for this season and many more? Looking for the best return on your investment AND for event décor that will work in a variety of spaces, events, and themes is our job, and we have assembled a huge warehouse so that we can deliver the pieces that you need, packed well and shipped quickly, anywhere in the US, or internationally.

Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you assemble your own army of sparkling, sustainable event décor like our diamond bead curtains and centerpiece staples, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice and absolutely adaptable to a wide variety of budgets and logistical constraints.
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