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There's no mistaking that greenery means life, energy and vitality; an essential element to any floral arrangement whether it's hanging from the ceiling or directly on the table, which is why we're very proud of our Artificial Greenery items that are very high quality and easy to add to floral designs to add bulk and depth with an abundance of texture and rich color.

Our extraordinary selection of Artificial Greenery includes luscious vines, garlands, sprays, topiary balls and landscape wall panels which we also offer as complete kits to create an accent wall or scenic photo backdrop. Our sprays, vines and garlands come in a variety of styles and textures with some that hold their upright shape for centerpiece vases & risers, while others are designed to gracefully drape down; ideal for Ceremony Arches, Gazebos and Garden Arbors.

When planning the decor for your next event, easily add contrast and color, texture and energy with greenery sprays, garlands, vines, topiary balls and landscape wall panels.