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Retail Store Display Ideas

Retail Store Display Ideas

If you're in the Retail bricks-and-mortar space (as we were at ShopWildThings for many, many years - we had 7 highly themed retail stores!) - the idea of having a spectacular window display to pull your customers in is something that you strive to do every day.

With more and more huge box retail stores pulling people inside using signs like "40% OFF EVERYTHING!" "Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!" and more, how can you compete and bring people off the street and into your shop?

The answer is to inspire. Make your windows and in-store displays so beautiful, that your customers love to come inside. Make sure that your windows complement the product that you carry or the current items you're showing in the windows. Many of our customers use our Beaded Curtains as a backdrop to hang behind product in the front windows. We sell them to both BIG BIG names you'd recognize, and also to mom and pop type stores and entrepreneurs. Salons use our beaded curtains (Metal Chain is HOT HOT HOT) as room dividers and to divide space between stations.

Beaded Curtains take seconds to hang. If your windows are wide, just buy extra curtains and hang them right next to each other. The look will be seamless. You can swap them out as the seasons or your window displays change. Acrylic Crystal curtains start at around $20. If you have a window that's 9 feet wide, you'd purchase 3 curtains and hang them next to each other. This is a quick and easy solution to a boring window. Trust us, your customers WILL notice your window with beaded curtains in it and be drawn in the door.

Chandeliers are also very fun to use in retail spaces. We have hardwire chandeliers and also plug-in styles. The reason our customers love our chandeliers is that they will not break the bank. Some retail stores spend THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS on each fixture! You don't necessarily need to spend a fortune to have a beautiful space and to compete with the big budget guys.

Trees: Our customers LOVE our trees for store displays. We used to carry a lot of jewelry and would create "forests" of necklaces and bracelets by hanging them from tree branches. Some of our trees like our little 2' Manzanita Trees have a box in the bottom that can be filled with other items for sale. This really makes the best use of your expensive retail selling space. Every inch counts when you're paying rent by the square foot. These trees start at $29.99 and will definitely sell more jewelry than a boring spinner display with slat wall pegs. Hanging jewelry from trees makes the jewelry look more expensive and will make your customers feel more connected to the jewelry than if it's stacked with hundreds others on ugly hang tags.

LED Fairy Firefly Lights: These are ADORABLE anywhere in any retail space. Wind them along the counters, in trees, around mirrors. Some are battery operated and some plug in. These are fabulous because most of the styles have bendable wire so you can really place them where you want them. They use hardly any electricity at all, and they are cool to the touch. You want all eyes on your shop? Add our LED Fairy Light Curtains and strands. For real.

Music Extra: Play music. Spend a couple of bucks and wire speakers ALL THE WAY around your store. A boom box with music playing in one corner doesn't cut it. Make sure that the music that you are playing matches the feel that you are going for. Don't play YOUR favorite music. Don't play a radio station with commercials. Music has a huge impact on the customer experience. Don't play it too loud, just enough to create ambiance. We used to sell Putumayo music in our stores all day long because we played those CD's in the store.
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