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How to Set a Table that Your Guests Will Adore

How to Set a Table that Your Guests Will Adore

We ooh and aah over centerpieces everywhere we go, but last week, we happened to run into the Facebook mother lode. (We might also stalk a certain blog, but that’s a story for another day.) Anyway… James and Meridith Walters (of Walters and Walters) made these fantastic photographs of Fresh Affairs' 2013 Tabletop Extravaganza. This post really shows how professionals produce exceptional results, night after night and image after image. When you combine the talents of a gifted event designer and a floral genius, give them free reign to create tablescapes, and then have the results photographed by truly outstanding photographers, well…

If you need more inspiration for that luxurious 2013 wedding, the main photo shows a tented tablescape that is to die for. What was that about a Gatsby remake? We love the textured silver linens and the luxurious draping of fabric above the table. What an amazing way to set off a sweetheart table, or to repeat luxury throughout a room. Did somebody say Bead Strands and Pendants? Does that place card have our name on it?

We have a thing for suspended florals anyway (2nd photo), and Fresh Affairs’ marrying of delicate pastel florals in a muted gold vase with candles in Cylindrical Glass Vases makes a stunner of a centerpiece.

Or, if you’re addicted to bling, the table in the 3rd photo sparkles with bead strands and pendants suspended above and flowing below ~ blingalicious perfection!

And of course, to see how emerald green can stop traffic at your tables (4th photo), here’s a centerpiece that incorporates Branches and willows in tall vases with suspended orchids and richly colored linens. In addition to this fabulous table, we love the dual bands of emerald ribbon on each seat ~ totally looks like these chairs were made for this wedding. Nothing like smart design to make the ordinary amazing.

We can’t resist showing you one more table (last photo) ~ this one showcases a long, low centerpiece of dense blooms and candles in tiered Vases.

So, the lessons here ~ layers, florals + candles, exquisite table linens, custom chair touches, and of course beads ~ in the hands of inspired pros ~ equal tables that range from simple elegance to sparkling drama. Wouldn’t your guests love to sit at any of these amazing tables?

Our sincerest thanks go out to Fresh Affairs and to James and Meridith Walters of Walters and Walters for sharing their work. We see a lot of gorgeous events that are much photographed, but nothing better than what they have going on in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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