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Wedding & Event Decor
Vases - Floral, Eiffel Towers, Cylinders & More!

Vases - Floral, Eiffel Towers, Cylinders & More!

Floor Standing, Centerpiece and Outdoor Styles

At ShopWildThings, we carry high-quality glass vases that make wonderful centerpieces at formal events, casual get-togethers or accents around your home. You can use many of our tall cylinder vases to serve as a riser for our beautiful Crystal and Glass Chandeliers , fill them with beautiful seasonal or always fresh Silk Flowers, colorful Flowerballs or Lush Greenery.

LED Lighting and Flameless Candles inside vases can create spectacular and magical centerpieces and glowing Decor. There are many uses for the beautiful glass vases you'll find in our collection, and we're completely committed to bringing you the best selection. That's why you'll find Eiffel Tower vases, cylinder vases and several other types of tall glass vases at ShopWildThings.

We believe that vases should never be boring. That's why our widespread collection includes a range of popular styles and sizes. While many of our tall glass vases are clear, you'll also find black and colored glass in our inventory. We have several styles, as well, that you can use to create stunning centerpieces for formal events such as weddings, dances and receptions; you'll also find many that are perfect for personal use in your home. You can use our metal suspended candle holders to turn nearly any glass vase into a beautiful (and sometimes one-of-a-kind) light source that adds to the ambience of any space.

ShopWildThings is your one-stop shop for all kinds of tall glass vases. We ensure that the glass we carry is of the highest quality; you won't find milky, low-quality glass in our catalog because we don't handle low-end pieces. We only deal with high quality products, and that's why our customers keep coming back to us when they need the best. At ShopWildThings, we're completely committed to your satisfaction, and that commitment starts the moment you begin shopping our catalog and continues indefinitely.

Note: These items are not suitable for International Shipping. We pack so carefully but damages are sometimes unavoidable during transit.

Additionally, if damages on glass items do occur, we reserve the right to replace or refund your transaction based on our shipping cost analysis for your order.
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