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Colin Cowie's Delightful Details

Colin Cowie's Delightful Details

We say it over and over again ~ one of the best parts of working in this industry is the opportunity to work with some of the most creative minds who are designing events today. Among our absolute favorites, for vision + style + savoir faire, is Colin Cowie. He's a master of all types of celebrations, and his outdoor weddings (well, all of his weddings, but we're focusing on outdoor ones in this post) are simply beyond the beyond.

Whether you want to wed in a lakeside affair defined by understated elegance or in a color-infused, tented celebration on the beach, Colin Cowie Weddings translates *your* ideas into an experience that you and your intended ~ and your guests ~ will never forget.

We love his wedding philosophy, including little gems like this one:

And the way that he shapes each wedding day to reflect the uniqueness of each bride and groom.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these inspiring photographs of Colin Cowie Weddings. If you're awestruck, um, you can come and sit by us ~ we select, pack, and ship a lot of these pieces, but what Colin does with them never ceases to amaze us.

For example, in the main photo, purple chandeliers ~ a statement piece in an airy lavender beach wedding that includes breathtaking scenery and fabulous florals.

In the 2nd photo, check out these floral arches and stunner of an ocean view that served as the ceremony backdrop. (Did your jaw drop just a little? These Hanging Florals are a Colin Cowie trademark that just delights in every setting.)

For instance, the 3rd photo displays a totally different look using this same idea of suspended florals, this time with a green and white palette embellished by lanterns and hanging votives. Oh ~ and a triangle of White Chandeliers. Love, love, love.

If you're lucky enough to have a beachside reception, you might want to bring the bling in the form of suspended florals, Crystal Bead Strands, Pendants and striking turquoise glassware and china to complement the view (4th photo).

To us, the point is that it's your vision that Colin Cowie is transforming into an event with unique details to thrill every sense. We can't resist sharing a few more pictures of this beachfront wedding ~ beads and florals framing an ocean view? We'll be there.

For a completely different look (5th photo), also at an outdoor reception, we love Colin Cowie's use of Paper Lanterns with subtle illumination during the day...and his equally imaginative use of paper lanterns illuminated with a projected leaf pattern at dusk.

Whatever the time of day and time of year you wed, we think that you'll find incredible inspiration in the ways that Colin Cowie Weddings translates brides' ideas into guests' experiences. Check out his collections of wedding ideas and take advantage of the wedding wisdom that he shares, complete with images and advice. Because truly…
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