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Winter Wow from Colin Cowie Weddings

Winter Wow from Colin Cowie Weddings

The master of design himself, Colin Cowie, can inject the wow factor into any event, location, and season. Winter weddings are no exception, and we can't wait to share some of the most amazing details we've seen lately ~ all of which would look great at a winter wedding.

Black Ostrich Feathers with winter white florals and candlelight? Make that sexy with a side of romantic ~ and we don't mind if we do.

At this luxe Indian wedding in the 2nd photo, red String Curtains form the walls of a custom tent that anchors the outdoor portion of a stunning wedding reception. Talk about adding atmosphere to an urban rooftop reception and the red string curtains really pop against the night sky. Trust Colin Cowie to craft this performance space so that traditional music flows through the reception while the musicians play in an intimate, relaxed setting.

In the 3rd photo, we love the spare lines of this modern Centerpiece of Branches and Hanging Votives suspended over an iced oyster bar. Both the cuisine and the centerpiece are winter delicacies, if you ask us.

The 4th photo is simply one of the most incredible transformations of vertical space that we've ever seen. Garlands of Florals with Crystal Bead Strands and Dropped Pendants provide an extreme makeover for this venue"s ceiling and, along with cool LED lighting, deliver lines of floating elegance above a warm, candlelit lounge. The balance of florals and lighting is a perfect blend of cool and warm for a standout winter reception.

If ever there were a cake table that would warm a winter"s night, this extraordinary display has to be it (last photo). We love the Arching Florals over the cake, as well as the bling on the cake itself. Candles in glass votives anchor the cake"s base.

Whether you are planning a wedding in a place where it's truly cold outside, or you just want to take advantage of winter"s unique palette, we love these examples of perfectly balanced winter wedding Decor. Colin Cowie simply never disappoints.
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