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Aluminum Goblet Centerpiece Vase - Gold 13.5" x 19"

Item #: 144710
Item Description
Our Gold Goblet Centerpiece Vase is nothing short of swanky and impressive! This huge chalice vase stands 19" tall by 13 1/2" wide with a super large bowl that measures XX" deep. Fabulous from top to bottom, this vase adds that luxurious touch to weddings and black-tie events!

The shiny gold finish and sheer size of this vase adds to the majestic appearance and candles and floral decor never had it so good! The large bowl can accommodate a pillar candle up to XX" wide with enough room to add some faux ivy or greenery. Another twinkling option is to float candles, either waterproof LED's or wax, like our Ivory Floating Candles that have a burn time of 7-8 hours. HOW MANY 3" WIDE CANDLES WILL FIT?

Pomander kissing balls and boxwood topiary perfectly adorn this vase and our Oversized Silk or Foam Rose Heads with no stems make a quick yet very attractive centerpiece or table focal point. Silk flowers like ivory and soft pink peony bouquets really complement this golden beauty.
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Aluminum Goblet Centerpiece Vase - Gold 13.5" x 19"
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