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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Standout Event Starters: Create Memorable Entrances and Receptions with Chandeliers and Accessories
Standout Event Starters:  Create Memorable Entrances and Receptions with Chandeliers and Accessories

Standout Event Starters: Create Memorable Entrances and Receptions with Chandeliers and Accessories

Crystal Chandeliers Personalize Your Wedding Entrance
When your wedding venue offers large scale architecture, your best bet is always to personalize it rather than to try to counteract it with your Decor. Crystal Chandeliers and suspended florals work together to soften the exposed wood beams in this church entrance while adding sparkle and setting the stage for an elegant event.

With barn weddings and receptions amongst the most popular options in many parts of the country, we love this affordable, easy-to-install method of upping an event"s bling level while accentuating the existing rustic chic bones of the church or reception venue. (Pro tip: These beams are the ideal application for our Realistic Faux Florals; our faux florals stand up to all but the most discerning eye close up, and no one will scale the church to inspect the rafters anyway.)

If you're a professional event designer, you know that these chandeliers and florals will work overtime for your business if you invest in quality products upfront. We travel the globe, literally, to source and create the best quality Decor in the industry so that you can be confident that the key elements in your most popular setups will stand up to seasons of use. Because pennywise and pound foolish event Decor is a thing, but it's not our thing ~ or yours.

A String Curtain Chandelier Adds Elegance and Ambience To Your Ballroom Reception
Large ballrooms (2nd photo) can be both the most convenient and most challenging venues for professional event planners. They are perfectly suited to their purpose, so they make it easy and convenient to host large numbers of guests. At the same time, their size and fixed features can make customizing them to a bride"s vision both complex and expensive.

Enter an unlikely hero of ballroom transformation: the string curtain. String Curtains are elegant enough to soften the lines of a large room, super easy (and fast) to customize with scissors, and affordable to boot.

The string curtain"s super powers are put to great use in this tiered ballroom chandelier, which the photographer captured perfectly in a romantic first dance image. (Extra super bonus points to the designer for echoing the bride"s dress in the chandelier and dais front.)

Chandeliers Enhance Reception Tables at Indoor and Outdoor Receptions
Outdoor venues that blend greenery and bling are some of our favorites, and the 3rd photo shows the best of the best in glittering garden galas.

We love the crystal chandeliers, suspended crystal strands and (super safe) stairway flameless candles. Whether your reception space offers a natural canopy of greenery, or you need to install some Overhead Vines and Foliage to get this look, we've got you covered with high quality, touch-worthy event Decor that will work for years" worth of weddings and gala events.

When your outdoor venue offers overhead framing (4th photo), you can't go wrong weaving some lights into the mix for an additional layer of twinkling fabulousness at your reception. (Pro tip: Did you notice the relatively modest nature of the tabletop centerpieces in this image? We bet that you did not, because the other elements (mostly reusable ones) are so well done. Your guests won't notice the relative dearth of live florals, either, because the overall effect of our reusable pieces provides plenty of drama and wow! without requiring a large live floral budget.)

Last but absolutely not least, we are sold on this combination of greenery, suspended globes and Light Curtains.What a subtly lovely scene for a tented reception or large scale venue.

Whether you are just breaking into the event industry, upping your level of play to a whole new group of clients, or sustaining an already robust client base, we offer you the value and quality that will make the difference in your business. We would love to offer you the same expert advice, access to high quality stock pieces and custom fabrication options, and overall top flight customer service (if we do say so ourselves) that has made us the darling of the top names in American and international event design.
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