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Home  >  Centerpiece Roundup: Crystal Bead Strands Add Sparkle to Wedding Centerpieces
Centerpiece Roundup:  Crystal Bead Strands Add Sparkle to Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpiece Roundup: Crystal Bead Strands Add Sparkle to Wedding Centerpieces

One of the workhorses of wedding reception Decor: centerpieces. Whether repeated or varied throughout your event, centerpieces are one of the design elements that your guests get to look at up close for an extended period of time. They can be impressive and meaningful without being budget busters, and we're going to show you some of the ways that you can set your tables apart, whether you have a stratospheric budget or need to keep your spending on the ground for this particular line item.

First Up: Crystal Bead Strands

Available in pre-cut lengths and in Rolls of Beads, crystal strands are a great way to add sparkle to any centerpiece. They are flexible, easy (and quick) to install, and look great whether they are dangling or draped, in clusters or singly. Add a pendant for visual and physical weight, or let them hang delicately on their own.

If the sky is the limit of your budget, this art installation (main photo) turned centerpiece combines gold branches, orchids, crystal bead strands, Pendants and tea lights suspended in glass candle holders is thoroughly fabulous. A statement piece if ever we saw one, guests will be sure to remember this centerpiece.

If you want a more modest look that is still more than memorable, we love hydrangeas in any form, and a combination of neutral table linens and white hydrangeas (and roses) is a budget-friendly winner. Monochromatic color schemes are elegant by default, and crystal strands are an affordable way to take these centerpieces to the next level. Tall vases make the blooms a conversation piece rather than a conversation stopper.

This stunning centerpiece (3rd photo) uses crystal bead strands to add a little bling to extravagant blooms with a rustic feel. Moss at the base of the centerpiece gives the sense that the whole gorgeous thing just grew in this very spot, and the draped beads soften the centerpiece's vertical lines perfectly.

In a room of red and metallic (4th photo), these tall centerpieces hold their own dressed in white. The draped crystals are luxurious without being expensive, and choosing seasonal florals always helps keep the flower budget under control. Once again, we're fans of the tall vases that give the blooms (hydrangeas!) a place of honor and the guests a chance to chat over dinner.

Finally, one last look we're swooning over: Tall black candelabras, jewel tone blooms, Crystal Bead Strands and elevated tea lights. With a gorgeous natural setting and dramatic centerpieces, no other Decor is really necessary. Whether you're a bride with a design side or a pro building a stash of fabulous products and ideas for your clients, crystal bead rolls and strands are products that do double and even triple duty, softening the lines of tall centerpieces while adding just the right amount of sparkle without bulk.

We'd love to help you figure out just what you need to make your wedding or event spectacular. Give us a call at 928-855-6075 to talk about which, how many, and how fast you need crystal bead strands, tall vases, and other supplies from our huge warehouse of in-stock Decor products that are ready to ship. Once you've seen our quality and experienced our customer service, we bet that you'll be customers for life, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
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