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Mirror Mandaps Elevate Weddings Around the World

Mirror Mandaps Elevate Weddings Around the World

Mirror Mandaps Frame Marvelous Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies
In the main photo, this gorgeous beach setting showcases the power of a mirror mandap to frame your wedding ceremony perfectly. Reflecting the blues and beiges of the sky and the sand, the mirror mandap is decorated to the nines while also living in harmony with the stunning natural setting.

Where budget is an issue, Faux Florals are an ideal choice to adorn an oceanfront mirror mandap, since they won’t be subject to close visual inspection, and faux florals are hardy enough to withstand stiff breezes. Add suspended garland and some Crystals, and you have a setting that is fit for a royal wedding. We have to give the designer a shout out for recognizing that just the right amount of a high contrast color set like red-fucshia-pink sets off the space without overpowering the water view.

In the 2nd photo, this tropical setting shows a mirror mandap at twilight, again with faux florals and Suspended Garlands to soften the lines of the mandap and focus attention on the happy couple. We love the look of the cream and pink Rose Petals on the aisle and the pops of hot pink on guests’ chairs against the low contrast color set in the mandap itself.

Nighttime and Mirror Mandaps Fit Together Perfectly
Just as a single mirror mandap frames a wedding ceremony tastefully, a creative designer can use several mandaps in series to create an upscale lounge space. In the 3rd photo, this wedding reception has an elegant cabana vibe created by combining a stunning outdoor venue, several mirror mandaps, faux florals, swagged fabric and Crystal Chandeliers into a design that any A-List club or lounge would envy.

Hotel ballrooms are one of the most convenient venues for weddings, but what they offer in logistical benefits, they often lack in atmosphere. A professional event designer can use a ballroom as a blank canvas, though, and create a custom look using the right event décor pieces. Enter the mirror mandap.

In the 4th photo, the mirror mandap works perfectly against this hotel ballroom window, offering a unique wedding ceremony space that is visually interesting, photogenic, and easy to set up and break down. Combining a Pipe and Drape Background, a mirror mandap, an oversize chandelier, florals and an aisle lined with Cylinder Vases and floating candles, there is nothing boxy or boring about this elegant wedding tableau.

Whether luxury Southeast Asian weddings are your stock in trade or a new segment of your business, mirror mandaps are one of the most flexible large décor items that you can add to your warehouse. They are easy to set up, decorate, and break down; they work in a variety of spaces from outdoor oceanfront venues to hotel ballrooms; and they can be used at any type of wedding ceremony or reception, from creating a focal point ceremony space to breaking up large open spaces into intimate conversation areas.

We are super excited about this product, we would love to help you put the finishing touches on your first mirror mandap, and we have the products in stock to take you from frame to details in one fast shipment. Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you add a top selling setup to your arsenal of high quality, in demand custom products to serve your brides.

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