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Floral Canopy - Faux Florals Customize Your Event

Floral Canopy - Customize Your Event Venue Using Faux Florals
Floral Canopy - Customize Your Event Venue Using Faux Florals
Create a Floral Wonderland Wedding Ceremony with Faux Blooms and a Statement Chandelier

When the sky is the limit of your design creativity and a floral wonderland is your goal, take a page from this stunning playbook and wrap your ceremony in a bell jar of realistic faux florals.

Wondering how to get this seemingly natural look within the limits of your venues? Let us introduce you to some of the hottest products to hit the event industry and show you how to put them into action at your next event. They are ready and waiting to ship from our huge warehouse of in stock products to become a blank canvas for your faux (or real) floral magic.

If your venue offers infrastructure that can support a suspended floral chandelier, we bring you two easy to install options that will sell over and over again.

Option 1 is the Mac Daddy version, six feet in diameter and fabulous in every way. Our floral chandelier frame has two tiers of metal and can support live or faux florals, suspended floral garlands, string curtains, candle holders, crystals... You get the idea. This is the Sampson of floral chandeliers, and he is ready to put that muscle to work at your next season of events.
6' Floral Chandelier Frame
Hanging Floral Garlands
Artificial Greenery
Multi-Arm Chandeliers
String Curtains
Light Curtains & Event Lighting

Along the same lines but scaled back a tad, Option 2 is the JV version of a floral chandelier, about four feet in diameter and ready to support a single tier of faux florals along with a few well chosen suspended pieces.
4' Floral Chandelier Frame
Bouquets, Sprays & Garlands
Green Walls & Draping Sprays
Tiered Chandeliers
Event Lighting

Finally, when your venue has nothing that you can use as a base for suspended florals, we suggest starting with Option 3: a chuppah gazebo structure. You can add faux florals and string curtains or suspended garlands and create a similar effect with absolutely no venue infrastructure. When you can make her dreams appear out of thin air, you'll be a hero in the eyes of your client, who wants the enclosed floral wonderland without the details about venue infrastructure. Check out the Option 3 Links below for products to create this look out of thin air and open space.
Chuppah Gazebos & Arches
Bendable Stem Floral Garlands
Pomander Kissing Flower Balls
Sheer Draping Panels
Hanging Candle Holders
Beaded Crystal Garlands

Love the image but don't see quite the perfect option in our ready to use stock described above? Luckily, there's an Option 4 that is in many ways the best of the best, with no compromises.

We have the ability to custom fabricate any product that you need to get the effect that your client requires, and we do it all.the.time for huge names in the event design business.

We love a challenge, and we think of ourselves like design therapists ~ give us a call, pour out your problems, help us understand exactly what's missing in your design life, and we'll create a solution that addresses the challenges you face. Better yet, we'll do it on budget, on time, and with quality that you didn't know still existed in our industry.

Whether you need in stock products to create Options 1, 2, or 3, or you need an innovative and original custom solution, give the nicest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075. We're waiting to help you build the dream team of event decor products to serve your clients and your bottom line.